Where we operate

ARTROM STEEL TUBES is a leading Romanian seamless steel pipes and steel producer, having two production units located in Romania, namely:

The pipes mill Artrom Steel Tubes – seamless steel pipes producer, located in southern Romania, in the town of Slatina. The plant produces seamless steel pipes for industrial applications, including for the mechanical engineering and automotive industry.

The pipes mill Artrom Steel Tubes has today an important share of the European market for industrial seamless pipes representing mechanical tubes, hydraulic cylinders, automotive and energetic pipes. More than 80% of the plant’s output is intended for sales outside of Romania, mainly within other EU countries, the USA, and Canada. The pipes mill Artrom Steel Tubes is one of Europe’s largest producer of industrial seamless steel pipes.

The steel mill Artrom Steel Tubes – located in Resita, in South-Western Romania, approximately 400 km from the pipes mill Artrom Steel Tubes. The steel mill produces round billets for pipes production (177, 220, 280 and 350 mm) and blooms 260 x 340 mm. The plant has more than 260 years of history and experience in producing steel and rolled products. However, today running technology is at a modern level. In February 2007, at the steel mill we launched a new continuous-casting line, with a capacity of 450,000 tons per year and in 2010 we launched a new EAF of 110 tons. The production flow consists in EAF, LF, Vacuum system, Continuously Casting machine.

Artrom also owns 3 companies that act as agents in the market, namely:

Artrom Italia s.r.l, in Lecco, Italy
Artrom USA LLC in Houston, United States of America
Artrom Deutschland GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany