Whistleblower system

One of the core values of ARTROM STEEL TUBES S.A. is to build and develop long lasting and sustainable relationships with our employees and business partners, based on principles of ethics, integrity and responsibility, ensuring compliance with the applicable legal requirements and internal regulations. We believe in people and in doing the right thing for us, for our colleagues, for the Company and for the community.

Therefor we provide you the opportunity to communicate in total confidence potential breaches of the law, internal regulations, or our Code of Ethics, using the following communication channels:

Reports on breaches of the law and/ or internal regulations can be submitted nominally or anonymously:

  • In the case of a nominal report there is the possibility to communicate between the reporting person and the designated person in order to clarify certain aspects included in the report;
  • The person who reports anonymously and does not provide contact data or does not wish to be contacted will not be able to be informed about the registration of the report, its progress, or the method of settlement.

Regardless of the communication channel you chose, we assure that your report will be treated with maximum discretion and diligence, ensuring the confidentiality of the data and identity of the reporting person, of the person concerned as well as other third persons referred to in the report.