Careers – Why us

Our Vision on Talent Management

We regard our employees as a highly important value within the broad mission of the company in reaching high performance and comprehensive competitiveness.
Igniting motivation and inspiring our employees for permanent learning and development is one of our dedicated undertakings in the HR Operations, by which we aim a well-rounded strategic growth of company’s functioning components, while achieving future programs aligned with the shareholders’ and the Administration Board.

We promote a talent framework where employees have the opportunity to develop unremittingly in specialized programs for consolidating their technical and managerial competencies.

Why join us?

We believe in growth and harmonization of shareholders’ interests with employees’ aspirations for development and we create an environment for evolution.

We regard the human factor as vital in our business.

We tailor the roles and responsibilities according to employees capacities and growth ambitions.

We empower managers to bring out the best in our talent operations and instill a culture of top performers.

We grant fair and equitable compensation for all levels of qualifications of our employees.

We put our employees first and give them priority to grow professionally within our company.

We create a healthy environment of trust by encouraging open relationships in which the employees can reach their fullest professional potential.

We nurture our relationship with the labor and union organizations partners by a continuous dialogue and respecting the social provisions of the social contract while ensuring high rigor conditions for the health and safety of our employees.

ARTROM STEEL TUBES is certified OHSAS Management System, according to OHSAS 18001:2007 and from September 2018 according ISO 45001:2018.

Having this certification ARTROM STEEL TUBES complies with the legislation elaborated according to the European Regulations, agreements and recommendations of the Labour International Organization and making reference to the labour conditions improvement, working accidents and occupational diseases prevention.
We always aim to improve the activity related to the labour health and safety based on a coherent policy evaluating the risks and the legal requirements related to this aspect.

The statute, capacity, knowledge and achievements of the employees are highly encouraged within our company. We create a healthy climate by generating a favorable competition between employees so the recognition and self-improvement needs are increased. The company gives its employees the professional development opportunity by yearly proper training programs facilitating in this way their participation to learning and development.

Through these vocational training programs we aim at the development of the employee competence, promotion of their professionalism providing the efficacy of the professional practices also facilitating the mobility between different activity areas.

We believe in:

  • Initiative
  • Responsible attitude toward work
  • Business goals-oriented attitude
  • Professional integrity
  • Cooperativeness
  • Teamwork
  • Fairness and equal opportunities and treatment
  • Conscientious workplace discipline
  • Professional optimism and high-spiritedness
  • Advancing professional qualifications and productive use of acquired skills

We continuously aim to motivate all our employees through their constant involvement in ambitious development projects.