New Stage – in the Fight Against Bullying

New Stage – in the Fight Against Bullying

On September 28, 2023, in Slatina, ARTROM STEEL TUBES S.A. officially launched the Educational Partnership Project aimed at preventing bullying.

This initiative builds upon the successful project started in 2022, with a new emphasis. While the 2022 project focused on raising students’ awareness about the negative effects of bullying and developing skills to prevent and combat it, the 2023 initiative places particular emphasis on educating teachers and involving parents in preventing this phenomenon in schools.

Over seven days, the project team conducted workshops for educators, focusing on effective strategies to identify and manage bullying situations, dedicating each day to a different high school in Slatina. Simultaneously, parents were engaged to better understand their role in preventing bullying.

From October 23 to 27, the project extended to Resita, where, for five days, we met with parents and teachers from five high schools, aiming to bridge the gap between parents and educators to support the younger generation.

Throughout the event, we partnered with the County Police Inspectorates of Olt and Caras Severin. Additionally, we amplified the voice of children through young representatives from the County Students’ Councils of Olt and Caras Severin.

Because ARTROM values every member of the local community and aims to contribute to its well-being, the 2023 Anti-Bullying Educational Partnership Project represents a significant step toward creating a safe and healthy environment for all students